About Us

Zappy's Mission:

Zappy’s mission is to spread selflessness through philanthropy, service, and support of local and international causes and charities. We strive to impact lives all around the world through the proceeds of our clothing brand.

The Founder:

Zappy is a clothing brand originally established by then Virginia Tech sophomores Eric Mbualungu and Bryan Kamenga in February 2018 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Today, the brand operates as a sole proprietorship after Kamenga left the company in the summer of 2019 to pursue his own dreams and career endeavors. Eric and brings forth creativity, passion, and experience in Business and Marketing. For Eric, entrepreneurship means far more than the opportunity to sell a product or service for profit. Zappy promotes a culture for people of all ages to strive to make an impact all over the world. As a young entrepreneur, he hopes to learn and grow from experiences most young adults aren’t given and make a difference in as many lives as possible. 

The Name:

Eric Mbualungu is the creator of the brand name. When asked to elaborate more on what the name means to him, Eric states:

“when people think and see our brand name, I want them to associate it with selflessness and a feeling of inclusion and confidence in themselves and what they believe in.”

Zappy's Vision:

Zappy is trying to build a culture in which new and future generations have a strong positive influence in the world around them.